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Scott Wheeler, the Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC (, the nation’s leading conservative PAC, released the following statement regarding the President’s primetime speech on the Gulf oil crisis.

“Last night, Americans gathered around their TVs hoping to see our Commander in Chief demonstrate competent leadership by outlining a simple, effective, commonsense plan for solving the Gulf Coast crisis.”

“Instead of providing a plan to stop the leak, clean up the mess, and generate some economic recovery in the Gulf, President Bankrupt Hussein Obama devoted more than half of his primetime speech to peddle a pillar of the liberal left's agenda, namely, cap and trade legislation that would amount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world.”

“Rather than offering solutions to put out-of-work Americans back to work in the Gulf, he defended his ban on new oil drilling.”

“Obama added insult to injury by pushing cap and trade when our Gulf remains under siege, our economy is in shambles, and Americans are looking to spend less, not more, to fuel their cars.”

“While Obama is handicapping US oil production and trying to strangle our economy with a massive carbon tax, countries like China and Russia are continuing to drill off the coast of Cuba and remain dead set against any carbon reduction measures.”

“Obama's lack of leadership in the Gulf is pathetic. But when he lays out a vision like he did last night, America should start to encourage him to spend even more time on the golf course.”

Wheeler added,  “Americans will not let the man-made-crisis known as the Obama Administration go to waste.  We will use their lack of leadership and utter disrespect for the American way of life to catapult American-loving conservatives into Congress this Fall.  The National Republican Trust PAC is working to lead that effort.”

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