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Obama Whiffs at Goldman and Gives Corrupt Government a Free Ride; Top Republican Group Calls for Special Prosecutor in Goldman Case

WASHINGTON, Apr. 22 – Scott Wheeler, Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC observes that “The Democrats are swimming in the cesspool of their own hypocrisy; as a party, they take the majority of Wall Street money, and yet, pretend to be anti ‘Big Business.’  Their attacks on ‘Big Business’ are strikingly similar to WWF wrestling matches:  they’re all for show.  They yell and scream when the lights, cameras, and public are focused upon on them…but cloaked in the dark of night, they line their pockets, cackling all the way to the banks they just attacked. The truth is that many big businesses love the big government regulations that the Democrats advocate, precisely because those regulations result only in strangling their smaller competitors.

“Before any financial reform is even discussed, let’s find out where the real problems lie in this big-government and big-business tandem of corruption.  Republicans in Congress (and for that matter all honest Democrats) should join us in this call for accountability.” 
“The reality is that Big Government has continually revealed itself to be leagues more corrupt than ‘Big business.’  And so, while President Obama feigns challenging this very business community, he and his administration remain its hand puppet and its maiden.”

“As Obama today calls on financial executives to abandon their ‘furious efforts’ to block a financial regulation overhaul bill, he tries to issue a rallying call to ‘reign in excess.’  Seriously, Mr. President?  Would that include the ‘excess’ exemplified by the more than $5 Million in financial industry donations (among just his 17 top donors) you accepted?’  We hold our breath.  What does seem likely, though, is that his Wall Street comrades will feel the limpest of wrist-slaps, a real contrast to the public beheading that real working Americans will experience at the mercy of a guillotine of outsized and outrageous new regulations”
“Sure, President Obama, give the people bread and circuses.  Just please just let them know that when the show’s over, there will be hell to pay,” harangued Wheeler.

In a scathing op-ed, appearing today in both The Washington Times and the Daily Caller, Scott Wheeler and Buckley Carlson call the administration to task for lining their pockets with the gold of Sachs (single largest corporate campaign contributor to Obama) and pretending to police them with their own version of the Keystone Cops.

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