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Obama Tainted, Compromised, Cannot Proceed with “Reform”

Influential Conservative Group Calls for GOP to Demand Special Prosecutor

WASHINGTON, Apr. 23 – “President Obama is tainted and compromised by the more than $5 Million he’s received from the financial industry…nearly a million of which came directly from Goldman Sachs,” said Scott Wheeler, Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC.  “How can Obama, and the Justice Department bureaucrats who serve at his pleasure, conduct a comprehensive, impartial, unbiased investigation of Goldman Sachs? And how can Congress debate ‘financial reform’ legislation without first examining this glaring conflict of interest?” queried Wheeler.  “They can’t; this is a textbook scenario, absolutely begging for a special, independent, prosecutor.”

“Congressional leaders in both parties have a legal obligation to bring in a special prosecutor, rather than allow Obama’s administration to oversee the criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs,” Obama’s single largest campaign contributor, said Wheeler. “Goldman may be guilty of so much more than that for which it is being investigated.  And we’re really going to entrust that responsibility to Obama, and other Democrats who have been stroking the Goldman money spout, election after election?  Wouldn’t this be a classic, and unacceptable, case of the proverbial wolf guarding the henhouse?”

 “Before any financial reform is even discussed, let’s find out where the real problems lie in this big-government and big-business tandem of corruption.  Republicans in Congress (and for that matter, any honest Democrats) should join us in this call for accountability,” concluded Wheeler. 
In a scathing op-ed earlier in the week, in both The Washington Times and The Daily Caller, Scott Wheeler and Buckley Carlson detail how Obama has lined his pockets with the gold of Sachs (his single largest corporate campaign contributor), while at the same time decrying the “excess” and “greed” of Wall Street.  A primer in Democrat hypocrisy.

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