- Democrats with a score over 70%
- Blue Dog Democrats with a score over 70%
- Democrats in Districts won by McCain with a score over 70%
- Republicans with a 0% score having never sided with Pelosi

The Pelosi Index: A Complete Chart
Spratt, John M. Jr.SC93% 13  
Mark CritzPA100% 2  
Wilson, CharlieOH86% 12
Snyder, VicAR92% 12  
Boyd, AllenFL86% 12
Giffords, GabrielleAZ86% 12
Gordon, BartTN86% 12
Hill, BaronIN86% 12
Markey, BetsyCO86% 12  
Mollohan, AlanWV86% 12  
Pomeroy, EarlND86% 12
Rahall, NickWV86% 12  
Boucher, RickVA85% 11  
Boccieri, John A.OH79% 11  
Carney, ChristopherPA79% 11
Chandler, BenKY79% 11
Ellsworth, BradIN79% 11
Kirkpatrick, Ann AZ79% 11  
Salazar, JohnCO79% 11
Skelton, IkeMO79% 11  
Berry, MarionAR77% 10
Dahlkemper, KathyPA77% 10
Perriello, Thomas S. P.VA77% 10  
Altmire, JasonPA71% 10
Holden, TimPA71% 10
Kosmas, Suzanne M.FL71% 10  
McMahon, Michael E.NY71% 10  
Ross, MikeAR71% 10
Space, Zachary T.OH71% 10

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