9 Key Votes

The National Republican Trust will continue to track and analyze all Congressional votes and continually update THE PELOSI INDEX.  Below are the nine most egregious votes taken this legislative cycle that are currently scored in the INDEX.  

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HR 4213 - American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 - 5/28/2010

This new “stimulus” bill, which is being dubbed a “Jobs Bill”, carries a $116 billion price tag for the American taxpayer.  This latest spending spree comes the same week our nation debt eclipsed $13 trillion for the first time in history and just weeks after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office forecasted a $1.8 trillion deficit for the fiscal year ending on September 30.    CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

HR 5136 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011  - 5/28/2010

The legislation repeals the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  This premature and politically driven action comes months before an already in progress review of the policy ordered by the Secretary of Defense can be completed giving military leaders the necessary information to act.  Instead of letting the military decide what is best for the men in women going into harms way on our behalf, Congress has rushed through a policy to advance their liberal social agenda.  CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

H.R.3590 - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act - 3/21/2010

This vote adopts the U.S. Senate passed version of “Obamacare” clearing the way for thepresident’s signature.  It passed by a 219-212 margin, with 34 Democrats joining all 178 Republicans in opposition to the bill.

The legislation overhauls in excess of 1/6 of the nation’s economy and turns healthcare into an entitlement.  It cuts Medicare funding and imposes new taxes on unearned income.  Under this legislation, all Americans are required to purchase healthcare whether they want to or not.  Those who do not comply will be fined.


H.R.2847 - Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act - 3/4/2010

This new economic stimulus package is the first in a series of deficit increasing bills laden with more government handouts being considered under the guise of “job creation.”  This bill, which was unveiled just hours before the vote, transfers $19.5 billion from the General Fund, which is already running a $1.6 trillion deficit to the Highway Trust Fund.  It also provides federal subsidies for public works bonds.  While the legislation does contain temporary tax relief for “new hires,” the legislation does little to create private sector jobs or to ease long-term tax burdens on American businesses.


HR 1065 - Increasing the Statutory Limit on the Public Debt - 2/4/2010

The legislation raises the U.S. debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion to a record high $14.3 trillion.  This hike in the debt limit is the largest single hike in U.S. history and represents the fifth time Congress has voted to raise the debt limit over the last 19 months. CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

HR 1 - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - 2/13/2009

The massive $787 billion so called “Stimulus Bill” was rushed through both chambers of Congress before anyone had an opportunity to read it.  A bill that was designed to spur economic recovery through shovel ready projects has done nothing but grow the government.  The legislation passed without any GOP support.  CLICK TO SEE VOTE

HR 2 - S-CHIP - 1/14/2009

This $33 billion bill is a massive expansion of government run health insurance which goes far beyond the original scope of the program.  Originally this program created in 1997 was implemented to help poor children.  This legislation would expand its reach, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), to 50% higher-income children and massively increases the number of adults eligible.  Additionally it will open the program to illegal immigrants.  This government run healthcare bill imposes a 61-cent tax increase on tobacco products, which disproportionately impacts poor working families and is declining source of revenue.  CLICK TO SEE VOTE

HR 11 - Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act - 1/9/2009

This Act hands a major victory to trial lawyers by allowing pay discrimination lawsuits to proceed years or even decades after any alleged discrimination took place.  This hand out to the plaintiffs bar will result in higher labor cost, lower wages and loss of jobs.  The legislation creates a new litigious business model of trolling for decades old employee complaints.  The bill also redefined “discrimination” and opens businesses up to lawsuits beyond outright discrimination and covers even unintentional acts.  CLICK TO SEE VOTE

HR 1105 - The Omnibus Appropriations Act - 2/25/2009

The fiscal year 2009 omnibus bill is a behemoth government spending spree that totals $410 billion and includes more than 9,000 earmarks.  This bill was signed in to law despite numerous campaign promises by Congressional Democrats and Presidential Candidate Obama to put an end to the earmark process.  This bill represents an 8.3% increase, in domestic spending dwarfing the rate of inflation and when combined with the recently passed stimulus bill (HR-1) results in an 80% total increase for discretionary programs this year.   CLICK TO SEE VOTE

HR 2454 - American Clean Energy and Security Act- 6/26/2009

If implemented, this Cap and Trade bill would be the largest tax increase in the history of the world.  The cap and trade scheme would place a cap on carbon emissions, which would ultimately drive up the cost of production of every item produced, transported and consumed in America.  The whole point of this scheme is to significantly increase the price of electricity and gas so that Americans will use less.  If implemented America companies will be crippled by regulation and unable to compete in the global marketplace.  CLICK TO SEE VOTE

Stupak Anti-Abortion Amendment - 11/7/2009

The Stupak amendment was added to the Pelosi’s government takeover of Health Care legislation (HR-3962) to ban federal funds from being used for abortions.  Pelosi and her liberal allies fought hard against this amendment and lost.  The amendment passed despite 194 Democrats including Pelosi voting against its passage.  Speaker Pelosi allowed the amendment to be offered on the House floor because it was the only way she could muster enough votes to pass her version of Obamacare.  Despite this amendment passing, it is likely that it will be stripped out through legislative maneuvers before going final.  CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE.   

HR 3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act – 11/7/2009

The Pelosi version of Obamacare represents a $1.3 trillion government takeover of the health care system that will raise insurance premiums, increase the overall cost of healthcare and raise taxes.  The legislation includes more than $729 billion in new taxes and is riddled with budget gimmicks that attempt to mask the true fiscal impact on the American people.  The legislation is falsely touted to lower health care costs.  Even the Obama Administration has reported that this legislation actually increases costs by $289 billion over the next decade.  CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

HR 3961 - Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 2009 – 12/19/2009

The legislation known as the “doctor fix” is nothing more than a budgetary gimmick being used to lower the over all price of Pelosi’s government run healthcare package (HR-3962). The legislation will add more than $200 billion to the federal deficit and debt.  Speaker Pelosi chose to remove the cost of this bill from the Obamacare package passed by the House to cosmetically lessen its overall cost.  This is pure and simple a $200 billion legislative hoodwink that will be added to the American taxpayer’s tab. CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

HR 4154 - Permanent Estate Tax Act of 2009 - 12/3/2009

This “death tax” legislation permanently imposes a 45 percent inheritance tax on estates larger than $3.5 million.  It cancels a one-year repeal of the inheritance tax, which was set to begin in January 2010.  The death tax is the worst form of double or even triple taxation of income that punishes families for working and saving their entire lives.  Small businesses and family-owned farms are often hit the hardest by this tax.  Recent reports show that eliminating the death tax would actually increase the government’s revenue and create 1.5 million jobs over the next two years.  This legislation is not adjusted for inflation, which means more and more American families will be subject to this tax every year. CLICK HERE TO SEE VOTE

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The National Republican Trust is already preparing to run ads in key Congressional Districts educating voters on just how radical their representative is and how often they vote with the ultra-left-wing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. 

This programwill give us the means to hold Democrat’s feet to the fire during next year’s election and provide a platform from which conservative Republicans can retake control of Congress.  It is time to clean House and send Pelosi’s pals packing! 

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