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Every taxpayer in America already owes more than $128,000 as their share of the $14.2 trillion national debt.
Every child born in America today is greeted with more than $46,000 that they owe as their share of the national debt. 
This is expected to more than triple by the time they enter the workforce. Mortgaging the future of our country
and placing this burden on our children and grandchildren is unacceptable. However, that is exactly who the
Washington Establishment expects to unknowingly “co-sign” another multi trillion dollar loan.
Let’s make sure that the world we leave our children is better than the one today.

I hereby demand that Congress:

- STOP the spending spree,
- STOP mortgaging our future and
- STOP placing the burden of unsustainable national debt on future generations.  

Do not raise the debt ceiling again.


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