Mission and Strategic Objectives

Our Mission is to take back our country from the dangerous progressives that are hell-bent on destroying the American dream and expanding government control over every aspect of our daily lives. Our mission is to lead the new GOP and save our economy and our individual freedoms before it is too late.

The National Republican Trust PAC is committed to leading the conservative resurgence by harnessing grassroots talent, outrage, and commitment, and by conceiving massive independent expenditure ad campaigns that focus on specific elections and vital public policy issues.

To that end:

  • We will identify, support and elect conservative candidates who are committed and capable of standing firm in protecting our Constitution and the individual freedoms it guarantees;
  • We will pursue, investigate, and expose the lies, hypocrisy, corrupt deals, dirty tactics, excessive waste and hidden agendas of the Liberal Left and its dangerous progressive policies;
  • We will fight to protect and restore the individual freedoms and traditional family values that the Democrats and progressives in Congress seek to destroy at every opportunity…and which establishment Republicans consistently fail to safeguard;
  • We will fight to immediately reduce federal spending, decrease the deficit, and eliminate the culture of corruption, waste and incompetence;
  • We will fight to reform the shamelessly punitive, gratuitously complicated, anti-business, incentive-destroying Federal tax laws;
  • We will fight for a strong national defense and a national security policy that protects our military, families, and our borders, as well as our economy.
  • We will always expose the Liberal Left and their progressive brethren when they employ Trojan Horses - like the myth of "Global Warming," and the radical "Environmental Movement" generally - to assail American freedom and enterprise; AND
  • We will loudly champion America in all her righteous pursuits, and we will never deny her our pride or our loud public affections. And, we will demand the same from our elected officials.