Scott Wheeler on CBN News Takes on Stimulus Plan

Interview with Wendy Griffith, CBN News

Griffith: And we’re joined now from Washington by Scott Wheeler. He’s the director of the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee. Scott, many say this bill is loaded with pork. Now your website points out $600 million for new government cars, $335 million for sexually transmitted disease education, $4 million for controversial groups like ACORN, which was, of course, investigated for voter fraud. Are Congressional democrats putting their liberal agenda ahead of our nation’s economy?

Wheeler: Well, they are doing exactly what they always do, Wendy. Just as when Bill Clinton took office in 1993, the first thing he tried to do was pass a $16 billion stimulus package that would have essentially paid back people who supported him.  It’s a Democrat Party political payback bill. And to the Wall Street journalist, it means that only 12 percent of the bill actually goes for economic stimulus and the rest of it is pure pork. And it does not fix the economy. The New Deal proved that despite the liberal myths that the New Deal fixed anything. It did not. It prolonged the Great Depression, which finally ended with World War II.

Griffith: Scott, are republicans in Congress willing or able to make meaningful changes to the so-called stimulus bill?

Wheeler: Well, some would argue that they really don’t have the power. We, right now, our group, GOP, National Republican Trust PAC, is going to run ads in states where democrat senators are up for re-election in 2010, reminding people, call your senator and ask them to help the republicans stop this gigantic massive bill that our grandchildren will be paying for for years to come. Our grandchildren should not have to pay the tab for Obama’s massive payback bill. It is disastrous.

Griffith: Ok, less than 20 seconds. What would you like to see in this plan?

Wheeler: I think, first of all, we should negotiate whether or not we even need a stimulus bill and start talking tax cuts. That is how you jump-start an economy, is cutting taxes, allowing people to use their money to build and grow their corporations and their companies. That is what provides jobs.

Griffith: Scott Wheeler. Thanks for being with us.

Wheeler: Thank you.

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