Message from Scott Wheeler

Dear Fellow Conservative:

Our Conservative values are too important to be abandoned to Republican politicians, too weak, too scared or just too unprincipled to fight back against the Liberal Left's progressive agenda. Barack Obama's big-government, Europeanization of America threatens all of our freedoms. Obama and the Pelosi Democrats threaten our very way of life.

Our country is in peril, under attack from without, and from within. We must identify, recruit, and promote only honest Americans willing to a take principled stand, and fight for our country and her future. We need to elect candidates that are firmly rooted in - and committed to - fighting for our traditional values of individual freedom, self-reliance, personal responsibility, limited government and a strong national defense.

These are the reasons why I've started the National Republican Trust PAC. We're a grassroots organization now ready to lead the conservative resurgence. Our influence has already been a formidable one; last election cycle, the National Republican Trust spent more than $13 million to elect like-minded candidates, and promote conservative principles. And with your help, we're prepared to accomplish even more this year.

Make no mistake, we fully understand that we are in a war for the soul of America. We are prepared - and determined - to win each and every battle.

The Game Plan

We have officially declared this year's election: the "Investigation Election," meaning we will not let Obama, Pelosi or Reid off the hook for their despicable actions.

We will expose: the payoffs to unions; backroom bribes and kickbacks for supporting healthcare; and the millions in stimulus funding that has landed in to the coffers of Democratic campaign supporters.

When we win this Fall - and win BIG - it will signal to the Washington elite, and to the liberal media, that the American people are demanding these investigations, and that they have the mandate to carry them out. The American people will not sit idly by; we will not be ignored.

A Proven Track Record

Our national and strategically targeted local ad campaigns have consistently delivered for the conservative cause. Our aggressive ad campaign in Massachusetts energized the electorate and delivered Republican Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate.

We helped conservative Republican Governor Rick Perry successfully fend off a moderate Republican challenger in the Texas primary in March. And we have successfully helped to elevate the campaign of Conservative Gubernatorial Candidate Marco Rubio in Florida.

Last November, our ads brought about a historic off-year election victory for conservative Republicans in Virginia. We delivered the largest margin of victory in 50 years in a state Obama carried just 12 months prior.

The National Republican Trust has provided a powerful voice during a critical time for the conservative cause. We have been the ones to stand up against the reckless agenda of Obama, Pelosi and the Washington establishment.

When other Conservatives refused to attack Obama's radical associates during his presidential campaign, we led the charge with our "Shock and Awe" campaign highlighting his venom spewing, anti-American minister, Jeremiah Wright.

When Republican leadership refused to act, we stood up and drove that "RINO" Senator Arlen Specter away from the GOP for his treacherous vote supporting Obama's stimulus bill.

When everyone was asleep at the switch fretting about what to do about Obama, we wrote and published Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know About His Czars. This book serves as additional evidence that we are the ones stopping this train.

Our book brought great scrutiny to Obama's un-vetted, and unconfirmed czars and continues to be the driving force behind new eye-opening revelations. Because of our book, Members of Congress have even tried to hold hearings on these czars until the Obama Administration stonewalled them.

Grab a copy while you are on our website. The proceeds go to elect conservative candidates.

The Republicans You Can TRUST

Some Republican groups are under scrutiny for dubious or profligate expenses. We are not one of those groups.

The National Republican Trust PAC has always been very careful and conscientious with your donations. We respect your dollars, and we use them only for their intended purpose. In fact, the Federal Election Commission inquired of us last year why our operating expenses were so low compared to how much we spent on campaign advertising.

In other words, the government was so baffled that we were able to manage such a lean and efficient operation with so little administrative support, they at first assumed that there was an accounting error. Bottom line? We don't have fancy offices or take big bonuses. We take you, and your money, very seriously. Your money goes directly to the advancement of the conservative cause. So, thank you for it!

The Targets

This fall's election has to be a critical turning point for Conservatives. We have already identified 10 liberal targets in the U.S. Senate we will fight to defeat including: Harry Reid (NV), Byron Dorgan (ND), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Arlen Specter (now Joe Sestak) (PA), Russ Feingold (WI), Michael Bennett (CO), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and the open seats formerly held by President Obama (IL) Vice President Biden (DE) and Even Bayh (IN).

We are also targeting liberal members of Congress who masquerade as Blue Dogs, members from Districts won by the McCain/Palin ticket, first term Democrats and open seats. To learn more about these targets check out our Pelosi Index, an online vote tracking and rating system.

Restoring TRUST in Government

We will continue to identify and work to elect candidates that support a limited government and promote free enterprise. We will help elect candidates who believe the foundation of America's strength is rooted in strong moral and family values that should be protected and fostered. And we will support candidates who firmly embrace a strong national defense and believe that strengthening our national security is critical to protecting our economic and political freedoms.

We are looking for leaders that will bring our country back to the conservative ideals laid out by our founding fathers. We will fully support candidates that promote these principles.

Ten Principles to restore TRUST in Government
  1. No new taxes or any form of tax increase, fee, penalty or mandate
  2. No policy, regulation or legislation that will add to the federal deficit
  3. Immediate federal spending freeze
  4. Cease all carbon dioxide reduction efforts through regulation and legislation
  5. Support meaningful tort reform
  6. Terrorists should be treated like terrorists
  7. Support our troops and a strong national defense
  8. No government run healthcare
  9. No public funding for abortion
  10. Elected officials should abide by reasonable term limits´┐Żand can never be exempt from the laws they impose upon the rest of us.
This Is The Year We Take Our Country Back

Conservatives across the country are answering the call, and they need our support.

There are good men and women turning up all over our nation that are willing to take our fight to Washington. We must rally together and support these good Americans.

Like many of these political newbies quickly rising up in the Conservative world of politics, I too am new to politics.

A year and a half ago, I formed the National Republican Trust PAC. Since then, I have felt like the antagonist in an Ayn Rand novel, telling people to send me their money so I can protect them from big government.

I do not hate politics in principal; I do hate what politics has become through lack of attention and cultivation of character necessary to preserve it from corruption. This service is the last thing I would ever choose to do but I undertake it with the utmost passion and commitment because the cause is so vital to all we love.

Please join with me as we fight to take back our country this year.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler,
Executive Director